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buy PHARMA MIX 2 (Pharmacom MIX2) anabolic steroids online

Permanent discounts (show current discounts)

10% bitcoin discount

If you pay with bitcoins you get an extra 10% discount to your order! It will be calculated by our store automatically AFTER you check out. No promo codes are required!

Big orders discounts

If you place an order over 500$ (before shipping) you get  5% discount!
If your order is over 1000$ (before shipping) you get 10% off + free shipping!

Discounts will be calculated by our store automatically AFTER you checkout. No promo codes are required!

Loyalty program for repeat customers

All customers get the following LIFETIME discounts for all products in our store:

5% after 3 orders placed
10% after 6 orders paced
15% after 10 orders placed

IMPORTANT: our international, USA domestic and EU domestic sections are in fact 3 different sites with 3 different independent databases. To get this discount you need to place all orders in one and the same section! Example:
if you placed 4 orders in our international section and 2 orders in our USA domestic section you get only 5% discount in our international section! If you place one more order in our USA domestic warehouse you will also get 5% discount there.

Referals program

You can invite new customers by using your personal reference link (find it in your account - Dashboard - References).

For each order made by each of your referals you get a reward equal to 5% of the order total of your referal. Your reward will be transferred to your account only after your referal`s order is paid and shipped!

There is no limits here! You can invite as many referals as you want/can.
Here is an example: you invited 3 persons.
Person 1 placed an order worth 300$. Your reward would be 300 * 5% = 15$
Person 2 placed an order worth 150$. Your reward would be 7.5$
Person 3 placed an order worth 800$. Your reward would be 40$.
Your total profit for all 3 referals would be 15+7.5+40=62.5$
Not bad! What do you think?
If these referals place same orders after say 2 weeks, you get again 62.5$ on your account!

Make our store work for you!!!

Special discounts

We provide up to 15% discounts for competing athletes and for militaries! To get a discount evidences are required. Please contact us to get more details!


Current discounts (show permanent discounts)

50% discount for amps + previous promo offer

Good news,

we decided to extend our current promo offer.
As you remember, we provide in our international store the following bonuses for orders paid by bitcoins:
for orders over $100 - $35 bonus;
for orders over $200 - $90 bonus;
for orders over $300 - $200 bonus;
for orders over $500 - $400 bonus;
for orders over $700 - $700 bonus.
This promo is running till the 10th of January for orders placed in our international warehouse.

Additionally to this promo we decided to provide you 50% discount for almost all ampoules available in our international store!
Frankly speaking, amps are not so demanded as we expected. In this way we hope to raise your interest. We have already reduced prices for amps in our international warehouse by 50%. No code is needed. This discount is also valid for orders paid by Western Union and Money Gram.

WARNING: Ampoules are excluded from our promo offer. I.e.: if you put into shopping cart only ampoules worth say $300 you will not be able to choose freebies worth $200 as per our promo offer mentioned above. Ampoules and HGH are not participating in it. However, if you choose pills or vials for a value mentioned above you get a respective bonus. Of course, you can combine both discounts and promo offer within 1 order.
For example, your shopping card has
10 x Pharmatest E250 Ampoules x $22.5 = 225$
6 x Pharmatest E300 vials x $45 = $270
5 x Pharmabold 300 vials x $50 = $250
delivery = $20
Order total = 225+270+200 = $765.

At this you get twice more amps as you would get at a regular price + within our promo you will be able to pick up any freebies on your choice (except HGH) for the value of $400 (bonus for orders over 500$, for amps and delivery).
In case of a seizure free bonus items are not reshipped. Only main paid items will be reshipped again.
Here is the full list of discounted ampoules and new price in US dollars:

PHARMATEST P 100 Ampules $18
PHARMATEST E 250 Ampules $22.5
PHARMASUST 250 Ampules $22.5
PHARMATEST C 200 Ampules $22.5
PHARMATEST 100 Ampules $15
PHARMATEST PH 100 Ampules $18
PHARMANAN P 100 Ampules $20
PHARMANAN D 300 Ampules $30
PHARMANOLT 300 Ampules $23.5
PHARMABOLD 300 Ampules $25.5
PHARMATREN A 100 Ampules $23
PHARMATREN E 200 Ampules $40
PHARMAPRIM 100 Ampules $37
PHARMADRO P 100 Ampules $23
PHARMA MIX M 300 Ampules $50
PHARMA MIX 1 Ampules $34
PHARMA MIX 2 Ampules $30
PHARMA MIX 3 Ampules $40
PHARMA MIX 4 Ampules $40
Pharma MIX 6 Ampules $65.5
PHARMABOL 100 Ampules $23
PHARMAOXY 50 Ampules $23

This promo will be running till 10th of January.

Happy Christmas to everyone and all the best in the New Year!

with best wishes,
Pharmacom Labs team


To smooth the negative news with WU payment receivers we announce launch of the next promo. Due to all mess up with Western Union we need time to handle it, that`s why the new promo will be valid for bitcoin only! Again we are asking those customers who ignore this payment way just to give it a try and see how user-friendly it is! Here is our bitcoin tutorial:

The new promo is already running!

Within next 48 hours you can get a bonus equal to 100% of your order total. In other words, you get any freebies (except HGH) on your choice to match of paid products.

After 48 hours the next part of the promo will start, you know it well:
for orders over $100 - $35 bonus;
for orders over $200 - $90 bonus;
for orders over $300 - $200 bonus;
for orders over $500 - $400 bonus;
for orders over $700 - $700 bonus.

This promo will be valid within 1 week until the 7th of December!
Valid only for our international warehouse.
Bonus items are not reshipped in case of a seizure. Only main order.


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