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Single-brand store advantages

Single-brand store directly from manufacturer or multi-brand resellers? The choice is obvious!

Hi there! Frank is here. This time I would like to touch the topic about why a single-brand-store is better than a multi-brand stores of numerous resellers.

As some of you may already know, I am a Pharmacom Labs employee, and also manager of our DIRECT store; . If you contact Pharmacom Labs through the contact form on the official site, I will reply there. You can check the authenticity of our store by entering “” in the dealers section of

So, is our store with 3 warehouses: US domestic (delivery from within the USA), EU domestic (delivery from within Europe) and International (delivery directly from our factory in China to any country of the world, incl. the USA). As always, we only sell our products, Pharmacom Labs products.

Why?! Very simple. We take full responsibility for our products. Yes, resellers could provide you a wider choice of products of different brands, however active agents are all the same… Please honestly answer a question, can you be 100% sure in the quality of products, which you order from a reseller? Even not so: can a reseller be sure in the quality of products he is purchasing to resell? He can not be sure where those products are coming from, what quality they are of, or finally under which conditions were those products produced?

Of course if a reseller is a decent man he will do his best to ensure he is purchasing best products.

However worldwide experience shows, that resellers are only thinking of money. They do not care what happens to their customers. Their only goal is to resell as many products as possible and to earn as much as possible. Furthermore, lot of resellers can intentionally buy cheaper products to get a higher profit.

What happen if you purchase low quality products from a reseller and in best case do not feel any effect? We are even not mentioning diverse side effects and health harm, which can be caused by heavy metals, different toxins and other impurities, which cheap low quality raw materials can contain. If this happens your reseller won`t be able to do anything here. Just because resellers do not test the products they buy, they do not have money for this or do not want to spend them, most of them just don`t care about anything else except their own profit.  

Let`s be honest and realistic, selling of performance enhancing products is a huge business, where sellers have only one reason – to gain as many profit as possible. Moreover, this is an illegal business beyond control of any authorities, thus, nobody except the manufacturer can guarantee you quality of their products.

For this reason purchasing directly from manufacturer is the only safe and reliable way to get high quality products. If a manufacturer has quality control of course.

We are Pharmacom Labs. We are not resellers. We produce our own branded products with our own cutting-edge equipment under our close control. We have our own chromotograph to test raw materials and final products. Our main goal is our reputation, which completely depends on the quality of our products and our service. In order to create products of human-grade quality we use our 10-years long experience and newest cutting-edge technologies.  These are not just empty words. Please visit this page to see our production video:

We are so sure in our quality that we offer to everyone customer in our store the unique opportunity to test our products. After you purchased any product in our store you can send it to an independent GMP-certified accredited lab and order chromatography testing there. You will for sure know what compound in in the vial/blister and its exact amount! We will pay for this testing! If results show that our products are bunk or severely underdosed (according to USP standards +/- 10% deviation is acceptable) we will resend those products for free!  No one source has ever offered something like this.

You get a real manufacturers guarantee directly from manufacturer!

Please contact us to get more details about this offer.

Also we are taking into account tiniest production details. For example, did you know that benzyl alcohol is truly only effective as antiseptic agent if pH level of the medium is between 5 and 7. If a manufacturer does not meet these conditions, benzyl alcohol very fast loses its antiseptic activity.  There are a lot of such tiny details, which shall be taken into account. You will find more details in our site.

We produce a unique premium injectable line (in ampules) with a unique “stress-sterilization” enabling our products much longer expiration date with zero-risk of any post-injection complications.

We have extremely convenient line of blends (PharmaMIX 1-6) allowing you to pin a cocktail of 3-4 drugs with only one injection! These are stand-alone blends, which even does not require usage of other drugs in stack. Give them a try and ensure yourself in the convenience you get at cheaper prices as if you ordered each compound separately.

We are developing all the time. Soon we start production of our own PCT-line, which will include clomiphene citrate, toremifene citrate, exemestane, letrozol and other products. We have already tested raws materials and results are available in our site. By the way, you can find testing results of our products in our TESTS section . All tests were done in an accredited GMP-certified lab. Each report has its unique number. In case of any doubts you can contact the lab, provide report number and result will be confirmed by a lab employee. All our raw materials have purity not less than 98.5%. Most of them are over 99%, which means human-grade purity proven by an independent analysis in an accredited lab!

We are also always ready to take into account wishes and remarks of our customers. We are open to communicate. In case of any question feel free to contact us any time!

Finally, we provide best prices on the market. We are not resellers, we are manufacturers and we can afford lower prices as those of resellers. We have a lot of permanent and temporary discounts. Please visit this section to get more info

Pharmacom Labs – when buying directly from us you can be always 100% sure in getting only genuine products directly from manufacturer at lowest prices. There are no extra links in the chain.

So, why try different brands if there is only one proven brand, which you actually can test yourself at our costs? It`s your call…




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