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2019-04-16 13:14:12

We restocked our EU-based warehouse today. Many items are back in stock now.

2019-03-31 17:33:54

We have just completed full warehouse revision. To free all reserved items we we had to remove all current pending orders. We restored all paid, but not yet shipped orders. Those will be shipped on Monday. If for some reason you do not see your order in your account, please contact us, we check and restore it. Or you can just place a new order. The current list of available items is accurate and all items available on site are in stock.

2019-03-30 13:36:34

EU-based warehouse is under revision this weekend. All pending orders will be processed on Monday,

2019-03-27 11:38:37

Dear customers,

due to numerous cases of unsuccessful payments via MoneyGram  we remove this payment option for now. For the same reason we have to raise lower limits for Western Union. From now you will be able choosing Western Union as payment option for orders over 400$. Orders below 400$ can be paid by cryptocurrency only. We accept bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, dash. Our bitcoin tutorial is available here:

We had to take these measures; proceeding with lower limits caused numerous cases of blocked transfers, which is a headache for both us and you.

2019-03-17 14:31:51

Important update regarding shipping terms from our EU-based warehouse:
To ensure safety of our shippers who are risking their freedom we will upload tracking numbers not earlier than 7 days after an order is actually shipped.
This does not mean orders will be delayed. It does not have any impact on the processing/shipping time.
Orders will be on the way; we will just upload tracking info only after 7 days.

2019-03-16 10:07:12


IT will be running within one month till 15th of April.

All orders are shipped from Europe!


We will provide freebies as following:

products for the value of 50 USD for orders over 200 USD
products for the value of 100 USD for orders over 300 USD

Freebies are chosen at one of the ordering steps and shipped together with the main order. No promo code is needed.

In case of seizures only paid items are reshipped.

2019-03-11 23:40:46

Hi guys,
we receive many emails recently from concerned customers regarding their tracking numbers.
After we transferred warehouses, new EU-based warehouse has enjoyed great success. But because of all the positive interest, there were some delays. Honestly, we were not ready and did not have enough man-power.
As a result, we have now hired additional staff to better service the increase in business and improve processing times.
I uploaded many tracking numbers today. Also most of orders were dispatched, we are just expecting tracking numbers.
All currently placed orders should be processed without delays.
Please do not worry, we are doing our best.
An additional device to speed up processing your order is using bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as payment option. Such orders are processed within hours, whereas Western Union and MoneyGram cause a real headache lately and may require up to 3-5 days for pick-up due to independent on us reasons.

2019-03-09 05:34:29

We are experiencing temporarily technical difficulties with our e-mail server.Please don`t worry, we are aware of the situation and doing our best to fix all asap.

2019-02-27 15:16:28

Dear customers,

since our promotion was running for all payment options, our receivers for Western Union/MoneyGram transfers ran into limits and can not pick up payments in February at all and many just get refusals from WU for numerous transfers within short period.

Due to this we have no other choice than limiting our promotion by cryptocurrency only.  Starting from now free promo items will be offered only for orders paid by bitcoin or altcoins (BCH, LTC, ETH,DASH).

Additionally, we have to apply new limits as following:

MoneyGram: 300$.

Western Union and Ria Money Transfers: 200$.

If your order total is below 200$ you can pay by cryptocurrency only.

We are sorry for inconvenience, however we have to take these measures, otherwise many of our customers get real headache running back and forth, canceling transfers, waiting for refunds, re-sending payments with new extra fees and so on. Our measures are only intended to make your experience with us as much flawless as possible.

To ensure fastest shipping of your order please use cryptocurrency. Here is our bitcoin tutorial with screenshots

2019-02-14 17:27:11


IT will be running within one month till 14th of March.

All orders are shipped from Europe!


We will provide freebies as following:

products for the value of 50 USD for orders over 200 USD
products for the value of 100 USD for orders over 300 USD

Freebies are chosen at one of the ordering steps and shipped together with the main order. No promo code is needed.

In case of seizures only paid items are reshipped. However, considering shipping of all orders from EU-based warehouse there should be no seizures at all.

2019-02-12 15:37:42


Sorry for the long-read, but it is all extremely simple in fact.
We completed most of the changes with our warehouse transfer.

First of all, please do not worry if you are not able to login with your old credentials at our new International Premium warehouse

Please read the explanation below.
Our Chinese and EU domestic warehouses had different databases. After thorough consideration of all the possible ways to merge databases we came to the conclusion that simply merging may have numerous unexpected and unpleasant consequences for our customers (e.g. accounts with the same username can belong to different people at different warehouses, etc.). Therefore, we decided NOT to merge.

Our old china-based warehouse was moved from to

We will keep it for a couple of weeks only to allow you to check your orders and transfer existing discounts.

You can login with your old existing usernames and passwords at

If you chose "Old International" warehouse in the left-sided menu on our site, you will be redirected to this address as well. is now our new Premium EUROPE-based warehouse with WORLDWIDE shipping and guaranteed delivery.
It has its own database (taken from former EU domestic warehouse). Due to this, usernames and passwords from the old China-based warehouse are no longer valid here!

*** If you were NOT registered at our former EU domestic warehouse, you need to sign up here: ***

Registration is blazing fast. You can use your old username or any new one you wish. This will not influence your discount transfer.

How to get your discounts transferred:
Next,each customer registered in our old China-based international warehouse will get unique one-time code. We will send individual e-mails within a few hours. Codes are already available in personal account for each single customer.

Just complete these 3 easy steps:

1. Go to our old China-based warehouse, sign in with your old username/account.
2. Go to Dashboard >> Transfer and copy your individual transfer code onto clipboard.
3. Sign in (or sign up first, if required) at our new premium warehouse and go to your Dashboard there >> Transfer. Paste in the code and click on "Apply."

That is all. Your balance and discounts will be transferred.
Each code can be applied only one time!
NOTE: You will not see your old order history, however all the discounts and your balance will be transferred. For example, if you had 5 orders placed in our old China-based intl warehouse, you will get extra 5% discount for 5+ orders at the new Premium EU-based warehouse.
If you had a discount as a competing athlete or military, it will be transferred as well.

Please keep in mind and understand because the costs of operation and providing this new premium service etc are different
discounts in our new EU-based premium warehouse are limited by 15% max!
If you had 20% at our old China-based warehouse, you will get 15% in this new warehouse.
Also notice that at the same time we lowered our EU prices to the former Asia intl prices and provide fast and seizure-free shipping from Europe to any country worldwide!

If something does not work with your discount, feel free to contact us.

P.S. and the sweetest part! Once we handle this mess with warehouse transfer, we plan to launch a promotion at the new warehouse! First time ever for EU-based warehouse!

2019-02-11 06:54:01

Hi all,

just a brief update about warehouse change.

Currently we have 3 warehouses/sections on our site - EU-based - China-based - US domestic.

Right now our programmers are working on required changes for warehouse transfer . Here is what happens next.

The address of EU-based warehouse will be removed at all. EU-based warehouse becomes our International Premium warehouse. It will be moved to the address of the current China-based warehouse  and it will open by default once you enter in your browser. Our programmers are working on transferring all discount from China-based international warehouse to the new EU-based warehouse. It takes some time. We will do our best to make this transfer unnoticeable for you. International balances/discounts will be moved to the new EU-based International Premium warehouse. Please give us a day to complete this. If someone won`t get his discount, he/she will just need to contact us and we transfer it manually. Please, do not check it right now, we will need a day to complete all.

Next, since our EU-based warehouse becomes International Premium default warehouse and we move it to the address, our old China-based account, which is currently available at will be moved to 

We will keep a link to it on site in the left-sided menu with warehouse selection. We will reset availability of all products at this warehouse to zero. You will not be able ordering from it from now. We keep it available for only about 1-2 weeks . This is the transitional step required  to allow customers, who placed orders recently, to check their orders and submit payment details. After 1-2 weeks this warehouse will be removed completely. 

In this way, after all changes are completed, only 2 warehouses will be available on our site: - International Premium warehouse - the default one. All orders placed at this warehouse will be shipped from Europe to any country worldwide! Customers from the USA can safely place orders here; we have never had any seizures in the USA yet. So, we can proudly manifest, this warehouse has ZERO SEIZURE RATE!

Customers from Europe can also place orders in this warehouse. For EU-based customers this will be old secure EU-domestic warehouse with delivery from within Europe. There is only one beautiful change. Old EU prices were lowered! You get All items at lower prices of our old China-based account, but with really quick and secure premium delivery! - US domestic warehouse. Nothing changes here. This is the most secure and fast warehouse for US customers, who need fast and absolutely secured guaranteed delivery with no seizures. Orders placed at this warehouse are shipped from within the USA and do not get through customs. You are absolutely safe when ordering from this warehouse.

Regarding seizures. If your order got seized, contact us, we reship it discreetly from our Chinese warehouse. Despite we are closing the international Chinese warehouse on site, the physical warehouse keeps working. We will be able to reship your order any time, this closure will not affect you.

This is all info for now.  We are working hard to complete all changes as fast as possible.

2019-02-05 18:33:51

Dear customers,

we are going to have major changes in our warehouse system.

We got major restocking of our EU-based warehouse and decided not to ruin our reputation with increasing number of seizures from China.
Current International (china) section will be active on our site for next 3 days only. In 3 days we remove international (china) section. EU section will be renamed into International premium.
In result our site will have only 2 warehouses: International premium worldwide (EU-based, shipping from Europe to any country incl. USA, Canada, Australia) and US Domestic for US-based customers.

Prices on our EU warehouse will be lowered compared to the current ones!!! In fact,we will copy prices from our current International (china) warehouse to the future EU-based international premium warehouse.In other words you get current prices of international account, but instead of China orders will be shipped from Europe with zero seizure rate!

Regarding seized orders. If you had your items seized, no worries, let us know, we will reship your order as discreet as possible from China. Our physical warehouse there is closing. We just remove international section from side and stop shipping from China, but all seized orders will be reshipped without hesitation.

So, international warehouse section will be active only next 3 days and then we remove it. We are still running the 300/200 bitcoin promo. If you want to take an advantage, you have 3 days to place an order and 5 days after this to pay.

Only for international warehouse
While placing an order chose bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as payment option and get free bonuses as follows:

$35 worth of products for orders over $100
$90 worth of products for for orders over $200
$200 worth of products for or orders over $300

HGH does not participate in this promo.

If seized, only main paid items are reshipped.
You may place several separate orders and get several free bonuses, it`s not forbidden!

Our bitcoin tutorial for those who is not sure, how to use it

This time this is really the last generous promotion! European-based warehouse will also have promotions, but those will be more modest.On the other hand, smaller promotion but with guaranteed delivery and zero seizures is probably what most of the customers would prefer.

We hope to improve your experience with us this way. 

Best regards, crew

2019-02-04 16:55:33

Today we had major restocking of our warehouse. Almost all items are in stock.

All orders placed at this warehouse are shipped from Europe to any country worldwide!

Fast and safe delivery with zero seizures!  This warehouse is the best choice for customers from regions with tough customs, especially from the USA!

2019-01-04 10:48:37

Due to the New Year holidays packages from Europe can be shipped starting from 9th of January only. Sorry about late update. Customers who completed orders recently (roughly from the 30th of December till now) will get each 50EUR store credit for delay. Our apologies for inconvenience.

2018-12-01 13:30:24

Hi there,

we have some news for our customers.

Soon we are going to stop shipping international orders from Asia and switch to Europe alone. All international orders will be shipped from Europe. US domestic warehouse stays working as usually, no worries.  

We are doing this to provide the best delivery success rate without seizures and faster delivery speed. However, this also means that our generous promotions like "buy for $300 - get $200 of freebies" will no longer be available. We probably will have some promotions, although those will be much more modest. We are not  sure yet, when exactly we start shipping from the new premium warehouse. We think it would be right to inform all our customers about this in advance.

In light of the said above we are launching our Christmas and at the same time kind of (probably) last generous 300/200 promotion right now.
For the time being we are running it till the 15th of December, however it may be extended till the end of the year depending on when our EU warehosue is ready to overtake all orders volume.

The new promotion is already running in our international warehouse . Conditions are the following. Pay with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and freebies are as follows:

$35 worth of products for orders over $100;
$90 worth of products for orders over $200;
$200 worth of products for orders over $300!

Detailed instructions are available on our site during the ordering process, just sign in and start ordering!
For those who are not familiar with bitcoin yet, we have a detailed how-to with screenshots:

Please NOTE - promotion terms and conditions:
*If seized, only the main paid items are reshipped but NOT the free bonus items.
*HGH does not participate as a bonus option in this promotion.
*Unfortunately, we cannot afford to provide both the cart discounts and free bonus items together; therefore, you have two separate option during the promotion:

   You can pick up free bonus items from this list within our promo. In this case you get free promo items chosen, but no discounts will be applied to your order.
    You can choose to retain the cart discounts (if you have any), but without promo items; In this case please don't choose any free bonus items and just click on "Skip" during the promotion options step of checkout. You won't get free bonus items, but if you have any discounts in your cart, your order total will be discounted (for example, 10% bitcoin discount will be applied only if you don`t choose free bonus items). All discounts may be summed up to a max limit of 40% off. More info about how to get the highest discount you can find in our discounts section.

Take  advantage of our last generous promotions and stock up on gear from the most proven and tested lab available on the free market !

P.s. just recently we received many verifiable reports from independent certified lab Simec. All products pass. You can find all results on our site and on all boards we are presented on, e.g. here


2018-09-05 09:54:33



we have great news for you today. We fully restocked our EU domestic warehouse and its already working! First batch of orders will be shipped already tomorrow, be the first!

We ship from within Europe, if you order here However, this time we provide delivery not only within EU, but to other countries outside as well, to the USA, especially!  Pleasant prices with minimum seizure risk and fast delivery! We did our best to organize it for you!

Another piece of news we are glad to share with you, is that we are extending our bitcoin promotion for International warehouse
It will be running till 1st of October. Conditions did not change:

Pay with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and freebies as follows:

$35 worth of products for orders over $100;
$90 worth of products for for orders over $200;
$200 worth of products for or orders over $300;

If seized, only main paid items are reshipped.

Detailed instructions are available on site during the ordering process, just sign in and start ordering!
For those who is not familiar with bitcoin yet, we have a detailed howto with screenshots:

It`s right the time to get ready for the bulking season!

with best wishes, crew

2017-09-28 15:49:37

Dear customers,
our EU domestic warehouse is temporarily closed starting from now for an undefined period of time until further notification.  We got info about local inspections at our area and can`t risk our and your safety for a while.
International and US domestic warehouses work in normal mode.
We will contact each EU customer regarding his/her order individually. Don`t worry, all ok.

2017-09-23 13:41:30

MoneyGram as payment option is temporarily available only for orders over 300$! Please use RIA transfers or bitcoin!

2017-09-07 16:07:33

Hi there,

our EU domestic warehouse is already open. Products are shipped from within Europe with minimum risks for EU-customers.
5% discount  and faster delivery for orders paid with bitcoins! Check our tutorial here:

with best wishes,
Pharmacom Labs

2017-09-04 16:18:31


2017-08-05 13:51:11

Our EU domestic warehouse is on vocation till the 5th of September 2017! All orders will be shipped after 5th of September!

2017-07-24 08:08:33

Dear customers,

our EU domestic warehouse goes to vocation from 4th of August till 5th of September 2017!
Last orders in August will be shipped on 4th! Payments should be approved by that time! All orders placed after 4th of August will be shipped after 5th of September!

2017-07-17 11:54:14


Dear customers,

Due to the possible ongoing bitcoin split we stop accepting bitcoin payments on 28th of July! Please do not send your bitcoins after 28th of July. We will not accept them, because those payments even if confirmed can just disappear from the wallet due to the coming bitcoin protocol update. Most of exchanges will probably also stop bitcoin exchange operations for the period from 28th of July until additional notification from the bitcoin devs team. You can read more details here

So, starting from 28th of July you will not be able to chose bitcoin as payment option in our store. All orders placed before 28th should be paid on 28th of July latest (if you chose bitcoin as payment option). This does not touch customers who chose Western Union and MoneyGram as payment option.

best regards,

Pharmacom Labs team

2017-06-26 07:20:10

Dear customers,

be aware that our EU domestic warehouse will have a pause with shipping from 4th of August till 8th of September. After 8th of September shippings continue as usual.

2017-06-08 11:37:28

Dear customers,

our domestic warehouse with shipping from within Europe is working again!

2016-06-29 07:52:47

Our new address is

2016-05-23 18:11:31

Dear customers,

we temporarily cancel reshipping of seized orders to Scandinavian countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark. If you are from these countries and your order is seized, it will not be reshipped for free for the second time until our next announcement.
Sorry for inconvenience

2016-04-07 17:31:52

Dear customers, it came to our knowledge, that our products were counterfeited! Ill-wishers forged thousands units of our orals and Human Growth Hormone. Please use only official distibutors. We are direct store of  Pharmacom Lab, we manufacture our products; you have no risks if you place your orders in our store. More details you can find in our official page:

2016-04-01 11:19:40

Our EU domestic  warehouse is restocked!

2016-02-21 22:18:07

Promo started. Use the code PHRMCMFRVR to get 20% off.

2016-02-17 19:44:05


Our promo starts on 22nd of February and will be valid until 1st of March. Use the discound code " "PHRMCMFRVR" to get a discount.



2016-02-12 03:30:34

Visit us on">">

2016-01-05 21:12:44

We extended our Christmas promo till the 1st of February! Conditions are the same.

Enter promo code "CHRISTMAS" and get 20% off for all products!

Orders within this promo are not reshipped in case of losses, seizures, etc!

Don`t forget, that we offer an extra 5% discount if you pay with bitcoins!

Here is our bitcoin tutorial:

If you pay through bitcoin:
1. you get 5% extra discount
2. your order will be confirmed much faster as compared against Western Union or Money gram, thus, you receive it 1-2 days earlier!

2015-12-20 12:48:46

Valid: 20th of December 2015 - 5th of January 2016!

Enter promo code "CHRISTMAS" and get 20% off for all products!

Orders within this promo are not reshipped in case of losses, seizures, etc!

2015-11-24 09:22:33


Dear customers on 27th of November we have huge one-day sale! Discounts for all products in our store 50%!
To get a sale place your order on 27th of November and enter discount code BLACKFRIDAY.
Orders with 50% discounts are shipped only once! If your order is seized we won`t reship it free of charge as we usually do! If you want to get your order with a reshipping guarantee, just do not use the discount code.


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