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  • Dear customers, some news for today.

    1. We implemented a new range of discounts for orders paid by cryptocurrency for international warehouse 2. Now, if you pay by any cryptocurrency, you get the following discounts:
    5% for orders over $100
    10% for orders over $200
    15% for orders over $350
    20% for orders over $450
    25% for orders over $600

    2. Within a few days we start accepting Monero as payment option.

    3. It looks like starting from January, 1st there are issues with shipping orders to UK. Due to Brexit UK custom require VAT for parcels shipped from outside of UK. We tried to ship, but postal service just refuses to accept parcels without VAT of a recipient provided. So, we will have to add an extra field into our ordering form for UK customers. If you do not idicate your VAT we will not be able shipping. Many customers have already complained they don`t have VAT and so on...We really can`t do anything. It is required for shipping to UK now.

    4. This is important. We warn you in advance that due to chinese new year (February 11 – 17 in 2021) we will not be able shipping orders from warehouse 2 probably since the very beginning of February until possibly end of February (based on experience of previous years, although officially holidays take place only 7 days). All orders collected within this time frame will be shipped at fist possibility.

    5. We are going to add testosterone undecanoate vials into our product range. Expect it soon!

    This was all info for now.

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