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What is oral anabolic steroids?

Athletes successfully use oral steroids for increasing strength indicators in the shortest possible time and other achievements in bodybuilding. They act as androgens and anabolics. As a result of Androgen cycles while taking tablets, muscles grow faster and the athlete becomes stronger. In addition, oral anabolic gear in bodybuilding increase workout efficiency and make it more resilient. Androgens increase number of red blood cells, strengthen and develop the bone tissue, decrease body fat.
Advantages of oral steroid tablets
While taking the gear, increased appetite and the confidence in abilities of the athlete appear. Sportsman increases self-esteem and improves his ability to communicate, increased sexual desire is observed.
For those who are just starting bodybuilding, Androgen tablets will be the best choice - they are easy to use. In addition, many athletes can not tolerate injections and pelleted preparations are the solution.
The clear advantage of these drugs - speed and a rapid withdrawal of the tablets from the body, and without any traces. On average, their life expectancy is twenty-four hours. Therefore, pelleted anabolic gear often taken every day. Thus it becomes possible to maintain a sufficient level of active substance in the blood.
Such drugs are quite difficult to detect on doping control - it is their clear advantage before the competition, and such inspections will not identify any foreign substances in the body of athlete.

The effects of anabolic steroids and tablets:

•        Intensive growth of muscle mass;
•        Significantly increases endurance;
•        Increased power;
•        Performance training becomes much more;

•        Generates red blood cells rapidly;
•        The bone tissue becomes stronger;
•        Quickly and impressively reduced fat

Among the additional effects the high level of self-esteem and increased libido should  be highlighted, as well as increased confidence.
Popular oral gear
There are many different drugs, anabolic steroids. Here is the list of oral steroids, which are popular with athletes:
Methandrostenolone / methandienone;

How to take oral steroids?

For beginners, it is best to first conduct a short cycle of pelleted steroids - just six weeks cycle. During this time you will be able to know the reaction of the organism and to make conclusions on how to proceed. If a bodybuilder first time trying hormonal doping, the main thing here - the correct dosage, then the results will be different, even in the case of minimal doses of mild anabolic products.
You can always buy oral steroids in a specialty store at affordable prices. Here we offer only high quality products. Counterfeits are excluded. Just make the order, and soon you will receive your gear. To achieve the best safe results in the sport, you will choose oral steroids.
Androgen cycles should not exceed three months. In addition, the same cycle can be repeated only after a break. After receiving anabolic gears it is appropriate to start PCT. With the help of this therapy athlete can save all received results during the cycle, to restore hormonal balance. In addition, post-cycle therapy will protect the body from side effects after androgen cycle. In order to guarantee that there is no rollback, Clenbuterol will be an excellent assistant.
Buy steroid tablets, you can shop at reasonable prices.
The strongest and the most powerful oral steroids

Oxymetholone. This drug is not permitted to take more than a month. The gear appeared for the first time in Mexico. It was in 1960, when the drug was released in large quantities by the US company with the Syntex Anadrol-50 brand.
It is best to take the drug by dividing the daily intake into two equal dosages - one tablet in the morning and the second before going to bed in the evening. The half-life of the gear ranges from seven to fifteen hours. Dosage - no more than three or four tablets.
Oral steroids for muscle mass gaining

Dianabol or methane. In bodybuilding methandrostenolone/methandienone anabolic used to create drug combinations to gain weight, solo cycle muscle gain in most cases is just accumulated fluid. In the ensemble with other drugs that anabolic gear increase muscle mass and gives a more pronounced effect with minimized aromatization side effects.
Turinabol - a mild version of methandrostenolone, a powerful variant of anabolic, which eliminates side effects such as fluid retention in the body. The drug gives the lean weight of muscles and improves physical performance.

Oxymetholone - is a powerful pelleted Androgen, the effect of the use of which is in a huge Pumping, muscle growth. This tool eliminates the pain in the joints and increases endurance.
Oral steroids act faster than injection, and their period of action is shorter. They act quickly and do not stay long in the body of an athlete. Oral anabolic gear is very easy to use, it is quite practical.

A very important fact is that pelleted anabolics are difficult to be identified during a doping test because they are rapidly cleared from the body. This kind of anabolic gear is preferable for beginners and those who are afraid of injections as well as for athletes on frequient doping tests.
It is easy to store such gear - just suit a dry place, protected from direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be normal. When choosing oral steroids look for well-known brands, such gear had been tested for quality, it is safe for your health and meet international standards, performance at altitude. In order not to buy a fake, do not buy drugs with it - go to a specialty store –

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