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What is testosterone?

Testosterone - a hormone that serves as a base molecule for most hormonal (androgen) steroids. By changing the testosterone molecule (adding or removing atoms) the particular drug is synthesized. One of the examples, testosterone propionate - a molecule of testosterone, which is attached to the ester of propionic acid. In most cases these particular "attachments" determine the pharmacological properties and effects of the substance.

Testosterone steroids action

The action of testosterone derivatives varies from one steroid to another. Most of them act as strong muscle builder and strength enhancer. Testosterone propinoate represents as a good example. The action of the Test P can be caracterized by the following: Specifically initiates gene transcription, thereby changing the nitrogen balance in the positive direction.
It increases the level of IGF in the muscles and liver.
It causes proliferation of satellites in the muscle tissue, which occurs due to hyperplasia and muscle recovery
It should be noted that all of testosterone esters have the same mechanism of action, the difference lies in the activity and intensity of each pharmacolgical action.

How to use injectable testosterone.

The Test P features short period of action. Injections are usually carried out on alternate days. This is one of the main drawbacks of Test-P use, as compared with its "long-lived" analogs, such as enanthate. The second major drawback - the higher cost compared with the enanthate. The steroid is usable for muscle building and during cutting the stage. On "cutting" it combines well with stanozolol, trenbolone acetate, Masteron, Primobolan and some other steroid medications. Propionate is a part of blends of testosterone esters such as Sustanon or Omnadren, as a compulsory component that allows to feel the work of the steroid immediatly.

Beginner cycle example:

Propionate 50 mg every second day
Winstrol 30 mg per day, starting at 10 mg, and adjusted to the optimal dose after 1 week.
After 6 weeks of cycle the take of anabolics shold be stopped and PCT (post-cycle therapy) should start after 3-4 days.
This cycle shows synergistic effect of the drugs, which means that the total effect of their simultaneous use is bigger than the simple sum of the effects if they are used individually. At the same time the use of these products reduce the risk of side effects. 

Frequient adverse reactions

The most frequent complaint - pain, irritation and redness at the injection point, that even more aggravated by the need in the high frequency of injections. The increase in aggression is noted by a number of athletes. After long cycle the introduction of gonadotropin is required, in doses of 500 IU, 1 time per week, starting with second week after the cycle. Practice shows that in moderate doses does not affect either the liver or the kidneys or any other internal organs. Not recommended to admission by women, referring to it's the high androgenic activity.

Test-P cycle benefits:

Talking about the features of Test-P, it is important to mention that in properly selected doses it does not retain water in the body of most athletes, or appearance of this side effect is decreased. Therefore, Pharmatest-P will not cause a dramatic increase in body weight of 5-6 kg in a couple of weeks, as test e does, but the muscle mass will be leaner and stronger. Once in the body, it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, so the effect of propionate can be felt just after the first injection. Explained by the reasons listed above, most athletes prefer enanthate, when working on muscle building, but propionate is often used at cutting stage. These products are suitable for athletes of any skill levels, from beginners to most experts of bodybuilding.

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